dimanche 28 juillet 2013

Increase The Octane To Get Better MPG

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When you visit gasoline station to get your car some fuel you might have noticed many people choosing premium fuel instead of regular gasoline. A lot of people don't know exactly what the actual benefits of premium gasoline are and they think if it's more expensive than regular than it should increase car and is better for car than regular fuel. The reason why premium fuels are expensive is only because they are the fuel with increased octane levels. You might be thinking how great octane level helps? In order to know that you must first know what octane is and what are its benefits.About increased octane: Octane rich gasoline fuel is measured by the amount of hydrocarbons present in fuel. Higher number of hydrocarbons are obtained in oil industry only by further refining gasoline. Higher number of hydrocarbon present in fuel makes fuel burn slower than it normally does and thus increase fuel mileage rate of car to a great extent. Also the increased number of hydrocarbon increases the car engine life to some extent.Benefits of increasing octane fuel:The biggest benefits of using fuel with increase octane ratings is that your car will run much smoother with fewer knocks at high running levels as well and also with low pings as well. It's better the car mileage as well due to the high level presence of hydrocarbon.What fuel you should buy:High octane fuel is good for cars. In many modern cars today which come with a powerful engine for better acceleration pickup and performance require high octane fuel in order to deliver the high level performance plus better fuel mileage as well. When you buy a car, its clearly mentioned in many car manuals what will be the expected life engine based on what fuel you choose either regular of 87 grade or premium of 91/93 grades.Refilling your car with premium fuel every time might make your ride little expensive but will sure make your engine last longer. However if you still think premium high octane fuel is out of your budget then we are glad to inform you there are products in the market which are capable to increase octane rating of fuel. Products such as Magnum Fuel Rx is the one capable of doing so.This product increases octane levels by scientifically altering the molecular construction of gasoline. These products fit next or below to your fuel tank and they actually emit some radio waves which cause fuel to burn completely in cylinders thus reducing fuel wastage and increasing mileage of car. Also it lowers the usual amount of unburned fuel which also results in the lesser emission of burned fuel gases. Moreover by using these products not only you can expect benefits similar to using premium fuels but also it increases horsepower and engine performance.As prices for fuels are increasing day by day, it has become important to use a product of this nature which improve and increase octane ratings of fuel to better the mileage per gallon as well as greatly improve engine performance. You have a choice, either to make the move to this state of the art technology or because the cost of fuel will continuously increase due to your vehicle's higher consumption, have your ride become more expensive every time you drive.

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